This site is about

Hi Guys! Welcome to Sim This! A site dedicated to Simulators and Virtual Reality.

What can expect to find on this site? Well, Everything that has to do with Simulator Games, Programs and Virtual Reality Blogs and reviews. Why Throw those two together? Because VR with an HMD (Head Mounted Display) Is, in fact, a simulation of one thing of another. Whether it is an experience, wave shooter or adventure, it is an attempt to simulate reality.

But Enough about technical details. Who am I? I am Olaf “Rafterman” Bodde. A dutch guy who bought his first VR system, a VIVE, last year and I enjoyed it ever since. Now I’m a Simulation fan. I don’t really care what it is, as long it it fun and realistic. Fly, drive, boats, jobs, it does not mather.

So I hope you like tthe content I’m going to make and write for you. And Keep on Simming!

~ Rafter