Happy Birthday VIVE!

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It’s hard to believe that it has been a year that HTC released the Vive. And it has been a turbulent year. I can still remember the Reddit threads where people came to complain about the shipping fiasco, bad customer service and keep each other up to date about waves and arrival times.

I had some trouble too. I ordered when HTC promised that they had their shipping and manufacture problem under control and they said they could ship in a week. Well, that turned out to be a month. Luckily I had the pleasure to deal with an awesome Customer service rep. He sorted it out for me and on the day my package arrived he called me to make sure and gave me my game package codes. “Now you don’t have to wait longer to play with your new toy!” he said. After that, he gave me some advice on which games I should try and what was worth the price.

A year has passed

And I still use the VIVE. H3VR, DCS, Xplane and several room scale games. I love it! There is no feeling like, instead of playing the game, feeling like you are actually IN the game. Looking around in a cockpit of a fighter Jet. Or walking around in an adventure game, holding a torch in one hand and a sword in the other. Sure you can watch YouTube vids. But it’s in no way the same.

Today, 5th of April, VIVE Celebrates his 1-year anniversary and does that with a free game, a 100$ discount and the launch of the Viveport Subscription.

Arcade Saga

Only for today, Arcade Saga is free! the normally 20$ (17,97€) costing game can be redeemed on Viveport here. Remember, only TODAY!

The game of the in-house developer 2 Bear Studio consists of 3 games. Fracture (40 levels), Smash (20 levels), and Bowshot (24 levels). Also, you can play online in the multiplayer mode.



Viveport Subscription

With the Viveport Subscription, you get to pick 5 titles a month to play unlimited. When the month ends, you can keep the titles in your library, or swap them for 5 different, or swap the ones you wish and keep other.

Mind you, you will not OWN the games after the month. your “rent” them. you can always buy the games if you really want to own them. The title list is ok but will grow with time. For now, you can get your free trial here.

Discount on the Vive

For now, the stores that have the discount of the Vive system are Microsoft, Vive.com and Amazone. Maybe there are more, but I have not found them yet but I will update if I do.

~ Rafter

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